Ralph Lawton





Awards & Recognition

Fulbright scholar 2020-21

Robertson Scholar

Rhodes Scholarship finalist

Huang Science and Society Fellowship

Johnson Distinguished RA award

Faculty Scholar Nominee

Jr. United States Archery Team (2018)

US Archery All-American Team (2018)

US Archery Academic All-American Team (2017-2019)

US Archery All-Southeast Team (2017-2018)

Study Abroad

Activities & Clubs

Research Assistant - Frankenberg/Thomas International Population Health and Development Lab

Duke Emergency Medical Services

Edgecombe County Rescue Squad - EMT

Duke University Robertson Community Coordinators: Service Committee

Robertson Community Council Director resident & Founder - Duke Archery Club

Duke SPLASH - CPR Teacher

We couldn't be prouder of you, Ralph! All your life you have shown your resilience, character, and values. Conquer the world! Mommy, Daddy, and Gaea