Carmen Alban


Public Policy


Economics, Education

Awards & Recognition

The Vlasic Citizen's Recognition for Pickle Arm Awareness and Prevention.

Nancy Carrigan Skating Injury Award Honorable Mention, Non-Ice Division.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad: The Other Side of Durham.

Study Abroad: Occasional Trips to Richmond.

New Orleans Cultural Exchange: Mardi Gras Educational Excursion.

Activities & Clubs

Alpha Phi True Sisters for Life: Blood Sisters are Dead to Me.

Illyria Women's Empowerment Group for Instagram Cuties Who Don't Need No Man.

President, Deviled Eggs in the Sun Girl Scout Camping Troop.

What Next

Carmen plans to take over the public policy research game, to make the world a better place for future puppies as well as humanoid cubs. Her clinically diagnosed “extra smartness of the brain,” as said in the medical community, will continue to be used effectively.

Brava, Carmen! The tassel was worth the hassle. Family pride is ever-glowing, as you are ever-growing. You comf? Gouda.