Sarina  Madhavan


Medicine in the Genomic Era

Awards & Recognition

AB Duke Scholar

Phi Beta Kappa

Rhodes Finalist

Study Abroad

Duke in Oxford, Fall 2015

Activities & Clubs

Walltown Children’s Theater Piano Volunteer Tutor

Duke Music Tutors

Duke EMS

Duke Bee Club

Gersbach Lab Researcher

Ubel Lab Researcher

Bass Connections Enabling Precision Medicine Clinical Team Co-Leader

Duke Undergrad Research Soc

Round Table SLG

What Next

After graduation, Sarina plans to attend Harvard Medical School to pursue her interests in clinical genetics and health care architecture; ultimately, she hopes to improve preventive care with more accessible genomic screening. Though her outlook will now be colored in shades of Crimson, her heart will be always and humbly Duke Blue.

Whether you’re discovering new toes or new horizons, may your life always be brimming with joy and wonderment. Love Ammama, Didu, Dadu, Mom, Dad