Lauren Bunce



Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies

Awards & Recognition

Published in "North Carolina's Best Emerging Poets," Upcoming Publication "America's Best Emerging Poets"

Duke Faculty Scholar

AB Duke Scholar

Barbara Herrnstein Smith Award

Critical Essay Award in English

Dean's List with Distinction

Phi Beta Kappa

Study Abroad

Duke in Oxford, Summer 2015

Activities & Clubs

President of Duke Compass Center Ambassadors

Former Co-Editor of The Archive Literary Magazine

Undergraduate Writing Consultant at the Writing Studio

What Next

Being a lifelong reader, writer, and educator! The first step in this plan is being a TFA Corps Member in San Antonio teaching high school English.

Lauren, Congratulations on your graduation! You never cease to amaze us with your spectacular writing, intellect, and your giving and joyous heart! We're so proud of you! Follow your bliss, wherever it'll take you. We love you so very much! Mom, Dad Robert and Sean.