Leena El-Sadek


Cultural Anthropology

Global Health



Awards & Recognition

Clinton Global Initiative University Outstanding Commitment Recipient; Paul Farmer Award Recipient; Duke Civic Engagement Grant Recipient; Algernon Award Nominee; Moral Award Nominee, Student Spotlight; First Place for Fieldwork Photo

Study Abroad

Bains Global Health Student Training Institute in India; Bass Connections Jordan; Neurohumanities France; Marine Lab Beaufort, NC

Activities & Clubs

Chronicle Columnist; Resident Advisor; SuWA Co-founder and Co-director

What Next

Serve for a year in health consultancy or social justice before considering a professional degree.

Leenabeena, we're lucky you're our daughter/sis. Always, you've made us proud. Wish you the same groundedness, light-heartedness,and excellence you've always lived-- we love you,habibtna! DaddyMommyLameesAhmed